Exporter Profiles: SeaCast, Inc.

Maker of Deep-Sea, Space Exploration Parts Wants Ex-Im Saved

Mike Robins likes to say that SeaCast Inc. is a silent exporter.

“Most of our products go into other products that get exported,” said Mr. Robins, who is President at Washington-based SeaCast.

The company, which also has factories in Montana and Rhode Island, has more than 400 employees and makes specialized parts that end up in precision equipment used for everything from deep-sea exploration to space travel.

Many of the firm’s customers use the U.S. Export-Import Bank. SeaCast doesn’t, but Mr. Robins fears that if the Ex-Im Bank doesn’t get reauthorized by the end of September his company’s sales will suffer.

Not having Ex-Im Bank “would affect us dramatically,” he said. “If companies aren’t ordering 737s because they don’t have the Ex-Im Bank, that’s going to hurt us on the shop floor immediately.”

The company’s customers include large businesses such as General Electric Co. and Boeing Co.

He said these companies need SeaCast and the Ex-Im Bank. And, Mr. Robins said, the U.S. needs the Ex-Im Bank or the manufacturing sector will get hurt.

“The issue goes deeper than just affecting large manufacturers. It also affects the smaller companies that support them,” he said.

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