CEE Commentary

Export-Import Bank Congressional Supporters stand up for the Bank’s Reauthorization as Discharge Petition Garners 218 votes

Last Friday, determined supporters of the Export-Import Bank utilized a rare parliamentary maneuver, a Discharge Petition, to revitalize hopes that the Bank can be reauthorized in the next several weeks. The Petition formally discharges the committee of jurisdiction from the responsibility of dealing with the legislation so long as it garners 218 votes on the House floor in support, which it did in dramatic fashion last week. Once supported by the a majority of House members H.R. 597 now must be put to a vote on October 26, unless Leadership negotiates with the Petition sponsors to identify another date.

Many thanks are due the Republican and Democratic supporters of the Petition for their persistence and commitment to stand up for American jobs and U.S. exports. This is a critical first step in the process to bring the Bank to life so it can again support U.S. exports and American jobs.