Ex-Im Bank
CEE Commentary

The Coalition for Employment through Exports (CEE) responds to conservative attacks upon the critical role that Ex-Im Bank plays in supporting exports and U.S. jobs.

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Exporter Profiles

Small businesses and mid-market companies depend on Ex-Im Bank financing programs to enable them to expand, create and support more U.S. jobs.

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ECA Competition

Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) facilitate and support a country’s exports. As competitor ECAs become larger, more proactive and aggressive, U.S. companies lose out.

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Shutdown Impact

If the Ex-Im Bank is not reauthorized, hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost and U.S. companies will seek more supportive business climates abroad.

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Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization Progresses

Monday evening, July 27, the Senate voted to amend the Highway Bill to include a 5-year Export-Import Bank reauthorization. The vote was 64 in favor, 26 opposed, with 10 not voting. With the Senate having voted on this amendment, it will now complete the process of voting on the amended bill and send it to the House of Representatives, likely Thursday.

Unfortunately, there remains considerable uncertainty about how it will be received in the house. Majority Leader McCarthy on Monday declared that the House will not take up H.R. 22, preferring the House’s original five-month Highway bill. It is understood that if the Congress reverts back to a short term Highway bill, the Kirk Amendment will not be included.

Senate Resurrection of Export-Import Bank Goes to Divided House
In a rare and fiery weekend session, the Senate voted on Sunday to resurrect the federal Export-Import Bank, handing the Republican Party’s most conservative wing a major defeat and setting up a showdown this week with House leaders divided over the moribund export credit agency.

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